Business Phoenix

Business owners supporting business owners

Offering the headspace, resource and expertise to get you on the front foot

For small and medium sized enterprises

Your Challenges

How do you:

  • manage and survive the immediate impact of Coronavirus ?

  • Find time to plan for the future?

  • cope with the stresses of leadership?

  • afford to reach out for external expertise?

Our Help
  • Comes from experienced Business Owners supporting their peers

  • Offers a wide range of skills to meet specific needs

  • Is practical not theoretical

  • Is clear, rapid and free of consultancy waffle

  • Is affordable





To champion British SMEs and help them thrive 

We want UK based small businesses to flourish.  We provide the headspace, resource and expertise to put them on the road to success.

We are different because our people own and run their own companies.  We share the challenges.  

We will do our best to help anyone. 

Let's get back to business!



Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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