How we Help

Our process

We match you to a suitable member of our team - a business owner in their own right.

You receive an initial 4 hours of support, without commitment from you, during which time we learn about your needs and you decide about us.

Then, we will adjust the expertise of our member to meet your specific requirements.

How we Work

We operate online whilst we remain unable to travel.

We will assess your requirements by understanding your business fundamentals and vision for your future.

We give practical advise based on our experience as SME owners in our own right.

We give you the space to plan your own future and the time to think.

We offer you the additional resource to undertake work you cannot do within your own team.

We bring you the expertise born of our own experience running and managing our own companies

What Services we Offer

Our team members all come with specialist skills.  Have a look at the services we offer and the people who provide them.


We know that SMEs may face cashflow challenges so:

Our initial work will be done for free.


You receive up to 4 hours of work at no charge from us and with no commitment required from you.

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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