Diane Brown is one of the three founding members of Business Phoenix. She is passionate about helping SMEs survive and thrive, whatever the challenges they face.

The managing director of a small family business in Oxfordshire selling windows and doors, Diane is also the owner of her own training and coaching company, which specialises in team and individual performance, sales and customer service training. Her personal experience of turning around failing companies, working closely with suppliers and customers to bring a return to profitability, gives her great insight and allows her to support others in similar situations.

Prior to setting up Business Phoenix, Diane spent nearly thirty years working as a successful sales professional in a wide variety of sectors. She won multiple awards in those roles and her experience spanned several multi-national blue-chip organisations. She has worked in both the UK and the Middle East.

Diane is action orientated and, highly energetic, she matches compassion and empathy with a capacity to make and execute difficult decisions.

Diane’s greatest strength is an unparalleled emotional intelligence and intuition, closely coupled with commercial intelligence. She has the skill of developing close and long-term working relationships with clients and suppliers, gaining trust and developing business understanding of all parties needs in order to provide dynamic and radical solutions. 

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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