Andrew Gordon

Employee engagement measurement, feedback, and consultancy.


I specialise in delivering benefits gained from high levels of employee engagement. Improving productivity, profitability, innovation, quality whilst reducing costs, staff turnover, absenteeism to name a few. Crucially this is all done while creating a better place to work for owners, managers, and staff.

I gain insight into the level of employee engagement within an organisation using a web-based platform. Honest, ongoing, feedback from staff provides practical ideas allowing you to easily improve the performance of the organisation. Together we develop an action plan using tried, tested, and proven methods. Then, with the right resources, organisations and individuals can thrive.

A 30 day supported trial of the platform is available, with consultancy, for qualifying organisations at no charge. A full report including recommendations is yours to keep at the end of the 30 day period without obligation.

Prior to the move to Employee Engagement, I have over 30 years of sales, business growth and sales management experience working with organisations ranging from sole practitioners to multinationals, public and third sector.

A pragmatic and prolific problem solver, I thrive on helping others to succeed.

Based near Portsmouth but experienced in supporting clients using Zoom/Skype/Teams etc.

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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