Fiona McBride

Strategy, planning, logistics and communication


Fiona spent almost 10 years building up her successful Interior Design Business, designing and supplying to both the Residential Lettings Market and Construction Industry. Following the financial crash in 2008/9, Fiona moved to Germany with her boyfriend (now husband), who had been sent to oversee a project.
Whilst there, Fiona trained to become a TEFL tutor and worked with a variety of companies, coaching in both Business Communication and English Language.
On her return to the UK, she continued in this industry for a number of years, but her passion for interiors kept calling. Earlier this year, Fushia Design was set up to create beautiful homes, before they go on the market.
Fiona has a keen interest in working with small businesses, helping to sustain motivation and assist with issues or challenges.

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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