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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Business Phoenix is launched in the UK today to support the many small and medium sized businesses battling to survive the shock of the coronavirus lockdown.

The founders of Business Phoenix have been through the victories and defeats of running SMEs. We have passed through the pain of an administration; we have also watched profits surge and our companies expand. We know, only too well, that the experience of running a failing company can be a terrifying and lonely experience. We also know that achieving turn-around success can be a uniquely exhilarating feeling. We have done both!

The founder members have a shared understanding of the importance of SMEs to the economy and to the many millions of people who work in them. The country simply cannot do without these businesses and we are determined to do our best to help them.

SMEs are looking for advice in many technical areas as they battle with a myriad of new threats, with new regulations and with new and strange opportunities for Government support. The situation changes every day and there are still all the normal challenges of running a company: cash flow, HR, supply chains …… and of course, the list goes on.

Whilst larger companies either have their own expertise or can still afford to bring in specialist external advisers, SMEs seldom have the necessary resources available to follow this route. The self-reliance and resilience of the people who lead them are powerful characteristics in normal times, but can leave them dangerously isolated in times of crisis. Most leaders benefit from having a close adviser on whom they can lean privately whilst simultaneously maintaining an outward image of cheerful optimism.

Business Phoenix exists to help these leaders by applying the right technical expertise to each individual case. Critically, we give the personal support needed to help isolated and stressed bosses make the right decisions. Our associates are selected to provide a spread of specialist experience as well as for their generalist skills. They are all expected to be able to work effectively in new and unknown environments. Amongst their number are also professional business coaches who are particularly well used to working both with individuals and with teams.

We hope you will recognise that Business Phoenix can help – even if we can never guarantee success. How, you will reasonably ask, could I pay for this service?

To be clear, Business Phoenix is not a charity and we believe that our services carry significant value. However, we know perfectly well that in times of crisis, cash-flow can be weak and money will be scarce. Our guarantee to our clients, once we agree to enter a relationship, is to deliver to you an initial 4 hours of consultancy work. In that time we will try to understand the real situation and examine potential solutions.

Once those 4 hours are past, we will work with you to see how a remuneration package can be delivered. Each case will be different but, if direct payments for services are impossible, we will consider other longer-term alternatives.

Finally, we should point out that Business Phoenix has emerged at high speed from the chaos of the lock-down. The need is now and we want to help solve your problem. Our organisation will develop and improve as the weeks and months go by. It starts in a rough and ready way because, for many, next week will be too late. We will get smoother!

If you feel you could benefit from our support, or if you would like to contribute to supporting others by becoming an associate, please visit our website at and contact us at

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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